About Us

Who should use iShareDocs?

  • Architects
  • Developers
  • Engineers who share files
  • Property Managers
  • Facilities Managers
  • Anyone who shares files or uses FTP
  • Anyone who needs offsite backup / archival

    Why use iShareDocs?

    If you've ever had to setup and manage an FTP solution for multiple users and provide training and support to novice users, you already know that FTP systems are not user- or IT staff-friendly. For end users, too much instruction is required to use the system. For IT administrators, FTP is a source of support calls and security leaks, and managing it involves low productivity tasks such as account provisioning and client setup.

    iShareDocs provides an alternative to FTP that is easy to administer, easy to support, and easy to use.

    With iShareDocs, end users do not need to learn cryptic technology - iShareDocs's Secure File Transfer solution provides a simple and intuitive web-based interface. If you know how to open a web browser and send emails, you already know how to use iShareDocs.

    IT administrators have found that iShareDocs is much more preferable to FTP because it provides security features, is easily deployed, and does not incur additional IT overhead costs. iShareDocs's File Storage & Sharing solutions also provide a secure, easily managed, yet "FTP-like" customized online portal for sharing files.

    Because iShareDocs's solutions provide an automated file transfer service instead of network storage, iShareDocs is much easier to use and administer.

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    Our File Sharing Tools

    • No software needed
    • Easy to use
    • Unlimited clients
    • Your company branding
    • Multi large file upload
    • Revision control
    • Virus/Malware protected
    • Automated notifications
    • System to track emails
    • User and group security

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