Our File Sharing Tools

  • No software needed
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited clients
  • Your company branding
  • Multi large file upload
  • Revision control
  • Virus/Malware protected
  • Automated notifications
  • System to track emails
  • User and group security

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How big can the files be?
The limit is up to you. You know your needs better than we do. Our goal is to make sure you don't get returns telling you that your attachment was too large, or your ISP telling you that you can't send attachments to that many recipients. With iShareDocs you move as much data as you want.

How is my data protected?
iShareDocs uses a 3 tiered system for securing your data. When you upload files using iShareDocs your data is placed on a server where access from the web directly is forbidden. Your data is only accessible through the iShareDocs interface. Each item that is uploaded is thoroughly scanned for viruses and malware assuring no malicious or accidental degradation of your data. Not only is the system itself a backup of your data, it also automatically backs up your data on a daily basis. We also offer an additional back up to a different data center, and a selectable backup download within iShareDocs at any time. Along with all we do to secure your data iShareDocs allows you to assign users, passwords and rights. With these different levels of security you can control who is allowed to see which files.

What about my existing FTP site?
 We understand that you may already have uploaded certain projects and might not want to abandon them. With iShareDocs there is no reason to. Our system is equipped with the ability to integrate with your existing projects. Simply create a new project in iShareDocs and choose the option for link. This will create a project within iShareDocs while connecting directly to your existing project on the old server. When version 2 is released iShareDocs will offer a one click import of existing projects. FTP had its place in the past; however the packets are slow and easily hacked. In addition it is never easy to dynamically assign rights, once you give rights to someone your control over mistakes or malice is gone. iShareDocs uses bit stream transfers, which is faster than ftp and your credentials aren't passed in the packets, so no one can delete your information unless you want it deleted.

How many files can I upload?
 It is completely up to you. You simply login, choose where you want to upload, then select as many files as you want. Start your upload and that's it. If you decide to upload numerous files at one time that's fine, just select them, hit the upload button and then take a break, iShareDocs will do the rest. All the while a status report will be there telling you the state of your upload. iShareDocs makes it simple.

How many files can I download at one time?
 You decide, when you are browsing a project, select as many files as you like. When done just click download button. The system will collect the files you want then prompt you for your compression preference. You can even select a self extracting zip file if you like. You can even download multiple files with the same name and they all come down in one bit stream.

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